This Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the women our hearts are connected to with our "ThankYouMother" Campaign. 
Mother’s Day is special, but this year it is all the more precious. Moms have always been superstars, seamlessly managing their careers and households, ensuring that their families are safe and well-taken-care-of, in normal times. This year, with the lockdowns and additional challenges being faced by everyone, they are once again at the forefront.  
This Mother’s Day, Kwesiya wanted to celebrate all the women our hearts are connected to, who support, teach, inspire and love us unconditionally. Our #ThankYouMother campaign’ features real life moms with their kids, in an effort to honor our real-life superheroes. 


Left: Loana wears the Koni Robe with matching headwrap 

  Right: Loana wears the Amelie Robe with matching headwrap





Tell us about a memory that you keep close to your heart :

“I remember the first time I could tell she could see me. When babies are born they mostly react on smell and can’t see past a couple of inches. This time, I went into her room and I could hear her fussing. I was quite far from the cradle, and she looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back. When I stopped, she stopped, when I smiled, she smiled. I didn’t want to stop.”




Tell us about what you are the most grateful for :
"Every single day I am reminded by my kids to be grateful for what we have, and to have a true appreciation for all of the small moments. They may seem insignificant at the time, partially because they can be so fleeting, but they really are the most meaningful. They are the ones to be cherished forever."