'Embrace It' is a collection of self-discovery and growth that is experienced over a pivotal period . It is about rejection, acceptance, love, pain, and healing. It touches on the heights and lows of life and identity, as it follows the perspective of someone who has grown.




This collection features oversize dresses. We were inspired by a classic Cameroonian long dress known as Kaba Nyango, that you can take from day to work to evening wear depending on the styling. 'I grew up seeing Cameroonian Women adorn this dress, be it at home, while running errands, for celebrations (weddings, funerals, church) or when farming, and grew fascinated by its versatility.

The word 'KABA' is a corruption of the word 'cover' used by the British colonists. Indeed, arriving in the 19th century in Cameroon, the wives of British missionaries covered the half-dressed young girls who could potentially distract their husbands. Since the independence of Cameroon in 1960, Cameroonian Women have appropriated this classic style as a timeless and essential piece of their wardrobe.


Women's Day parade in Cameroon





The quintessential Kwesiya Men’s style is effortless yet elevated, with a naturally free spirit embodied in our Bombers and trousers. They are made with 100% cotton exterior, leather accents, and playful linings. 



“The theme of this campaign 'Embrace It' summarizes my mindset lately. Grateful for being lucky enough to be an artist, for finding refuge in my art. For so long I tried to compartimentalize my work | Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories, Home decor | In reality, they all interconnected. They have been tools that allow me to picture the world the way I see it. I am grateful to bring pieces into the world and for people to experience them.” – Fanny 




This Kwesiya campaign was shot in Toronto, ONTARIO.
Campaign captured by Pascaline Le bras
Models: Michelle Ting | Janel Jones  | Dylan Thompson | Desirae Smart
Women Jewelry by Staella Paris   |  Men Jewelry by Monoxide Style
Fedoras Hats by Brimz Official  |  Leather Slippers by Haus by Everton