Mudcloth is a handwoven textile originating from Mali also known as "Bogolan" or "Bogolanfini". The word "bògòlanfini" is a composite of bɔgɔ, meaning "earth" or "mud"; lan, meaning "with" or "by means of"; and fini, meaning "cloth". 

Mudcloth is a 100% cotton fabric. Cotton yarns are woven in narrow strips, then sewn together to create larger pieces of fabric. 

The woven cotton is soaked in a decoction of tree leaves containing a high concentration of tannin, in order to be dyed. The tribal patterns are then made with mud, freehand. 

The chemical reaction that will then occur will give the characteristic black color of this textile. When the mud has dried well, the fabric is rinsed with water to remove the excess. Each design on the mudcloth had a strong symbolism inspired by nature or scenes of daily life. 

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