$119.00 CAD
Our one of a kind lumbars are just that: one of a kind treasures.
We hand picked these textiles from Mali and made them into luxurious pillows .

    •    Front: African Mudcloth | 100% Cotton
    •    Back: Black Cotton linen | 100% Cotton
    •    Concealed Zipper
    •    Care: Spot clean, hang to dry
    •    Insert optional

All mud cloth is individually hand spun, hand woven, and hand dyed. Each piece is different. Photos shown here are representative of colors only. Patterns may vary based on where the cloth was cut.

Due to the handmade nature of this fabric there will be slight variations or imperfections in the weave. We consider this to be part of the authenticity of this fabric.That being said, we check each piece for any holes that are too big and we stitch each one.