Oversized pieces, Contrasting prints, Versatility, our 2022 Accessory collection supports a confident and assertive self. 

Kholma offers a fresh vision for what a signature accessory piece could be.



The bold, expressive 25-piece collection aims to driving visibility to the strong Men and Women.
Can fashion refine the life we lead? While a seemingly trivial question, there are many layers. What we wear should allows us to express ourselves and showcase our individuality. It should accompany us in our quest of being and feeling more comfortable and confident in our skin.



Key Kholma styles feature wired head turbans, wider and longer in size, practical and effortless. Inspired heavily by our customers life experience, we evolved our signature headpiece looks to encourage Kwesiya customers to embrace their current reality confidently.


 We were inspired by this notion of Hidden Faces, with unique individuals allowed to be their true self and making Kwesiya pieces work for them.






KHOLMA means SEE ME in Wolof (Senegal)




This Kwesiya’s accessory campaign was shot in Toronto, ONTARIO.
Looks were created by Make up-artist  

Alanna Fennell

Models: Michelle Yang , 

Josiane Manzoangani

 , François Regis

Jewelry crafted by Knot You Knot Me
Campaign captured by Pascaline Le bras